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Join Safelist Boys -- Where Safelists Grow Up!

Organize, Simplify and Automate your safelist submissions.

Safelist Boys is a Web-based control panel where you can manage ALL your safelists from one convenient place. Load your own memberships and quickly join any new FREE safelists.

- 38 FREE Safelists are currently provided with Safelist Boys
- 24-hour access to multiple FREE, browser-based safelists
- Save your ads for quick, convenient submission to all lists
- Save your URL, login and password for each list
- Load your submission frequency for each list
- Safelist Boys tells you when you are eligible to submit again!

Plus, you'll get a professional Page Rotator, an Exit Page Generator, and a Classified Ad that displays randomly throughout the SafelistBoys site.

Take your position as Commander of the Email Marketing Control Panel and get 24-hour access to any browser-based safelist on the Internet -- all from one place.

We regularly search the Internet for brand-new lists that are just being launched and are still free to join. You never have to look for safelists again -- The Boys look for you!

We're the single-point gateway for your safelist marketing.

It doesn't get any easier than this!

38 FREE Safelists are waiting for you right now!

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